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Erasing Our History

In the months following George Floyd’s murder and subsequent nationwide movement for Black Lives to finally Matter in this nation, there’s been a call to remove Confederate flags and statues, rename stadiums, schools, and sports teams, and pressure to also remove statues of our Founding Fathers because they were slavers. The political right cried out, “They’re trying to erase our history!” Quite loudly and repeatedly. To which I say: bullshit US History has been whitewashed for far too long.

Freedom of Speech

Over the past couple of months, as tempers rise and depression deepens in the midst of this global pandemic and political unrest, I’ve seen an increase of calls citing “Freedom of Speech.” The infamous Harper’s Letter called for open debate, speaking specifically about cancel culture, but there’s also a cry for “Freedom of Speech” regarding political opinions throughout social media and even published articles. I’d like to address this too-oft call for “Freedom of Speech” to justify and even excuse bad behavior, privilege, and hate speech.

Criminalizing Dissent

The news is getting to me, and I have felt a range of emotions from anger to depression to helplessness to rage to utter futility. I’ve shed many tears over the past week, watching the police respond to protests against police brutality with more police brutality, while the world watches in utter horror. Trump threatened violence and then a police state through military action, then he gassed protesters to clear a path for a photo op. Police are driving into protesters. Gassing them directly in the face. Shooting them with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at point-blank range, some blinded for life.

Poignant Psychosis in the Psycho Prequel

Today is Day 50 of Quarantine for me. It’s been a long 6 weeks, and things are getting to me. I’m lucky I get to still work, as I normally work remotely, so I don’t have it nearly as bad as so many. The entire pandemic, especially around our disturbing political situation, is taking a toll. I’m stress eating and gaining weight. My body hurts from sitting so much, although I do go out for a walk a few times a week and have the Nintendo Ring Fit at my house. I’m also not alone, as I live with my partner, Brian, and 4 cats. Life it pretty good, considering. Still, I’ve been binge-watching a lot of Netflix, and when I start a series, I obsessively watch until the end. Last week, I watched all 5 seasons of Bates Motel in 10 days.

Goodnight Sweet Prince: A Reflection on Hamlet

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Hamlet at the Barbican Center, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. This show has been sold out for over a year. People fly in from all over the world just to see this performance because they are huge fans of Benedict Cumberbatch, mostly from his work in Sherlock. Me? I’m a bigger fan of Hamlet. After all, my degrees are in British Literature with a focus on the Renaissance Era, and Hamlet is my all-time favorite play. I know it inside and out. I’ve s

It's About Love, Actually

The internet recently exploded in debate over the film Love Actually….again. Since it is one of my favorite films of all time and since I watch it every year as a holiday tradition, I know the film quite well. I have watched it at least once a year (with one exception) since I walked out of the cinema floating on a cloud of joy in 2003. Although there several articles about Love Actually have been published in the past few years, and regurgitated every Christmas, I’ll mostly be responding to Or

Steampunk Poe, Frankenstein, and H. G. Wells

When I was first asked to review these three books from Running Press, I was under the impression that they were Steampunk retellings of classic tales by Poe, Shelley, and Wells, similar to the Steampunk Shakespeare released last year (The Omnibus of Doctor Bill Shakes and the Magnificent Ionic Pentatetrameter), for which my Steampunk take on Sonnet 18 didn’t make the cut. However, I was wrong. These are not Steampunk retellings. The stories contained with these gorgeous tomes are the words of t

O.M. Grey: Puck my Life! (OMG:PML!)

Here we journey through a heart fraught with darkness, spurred by a rude awakening in the Kingdom, and an evocation of the Bard. Our guide is OM Grey: Last week I had dinner with Julie Mollins, the awesome reporter that did a story on me for Reuters During that dinner, she spoke of my novels, relationship blog posts, and podcasts, and she did something I thought no one would ever do. She compared me to Shakespeare. I’ll forever remember that moment as I sat across the small table from her at

Our Arrogance Will be the End of Us

“At first, I thought ‘How dare you say that about my America,’ she said looking at me through squinted eyes, “but then I saw it, our arrogance will be the end of us.” She explained to me how she and her husband voted for Bush. She said they were conservative and watched Fox News regularly; however, something touched her in seeing and hearing everyday people from around the world talk about her beloved country as a bully; a hypocrite. Something touched her when faced with the sobering charge of War Crimes and the images of torture at the hands of Americans under orders from the US Government. Something touched her that day that made her think about what she thought she knew.